It's amazing how much pleasure can be had from a few words arranged with thought. A lesson to be learnt I think. Great day.
Angus, Moving Words workshop

Artlink gives people so many wonderful opportunities, challenges them just the right amount, helps them find new confidence which is such a win win situation, because then they're brave enough to try more.
As for me, I had a ball! And part of that was seeing everyone working together, developing ideas, experimenting, performing in front of the group and feeling delighted with the result.
Ann, Moving Words workshop



Thank you very much for sending copies of Let Loose Poems which was a lovely surprise. Any royalties collected due can of course go towards funding Artlink ! If anyone said to me that my poetry would be published I would have laughed my socks off !
Michael, Let Loose Poet

You can often get hung up on a final version, tweaking something until you feel it’s finished – but I appreciated the transitory nature of the cuboid word poems – building up shifting shapes, nicking a word from another poem, adding here and there, physically intermingling with the cuboids – this was an activity which had more to give, if we’d developed it further. Words begetting movement?
Ann, Word games participant

Word Games Workshop

with Anthony Schrag

We had fun surely – but more than that, we enjoyed interacting with the words, with each other and our confidence grew. Because of the STTR and the pre-printed word game resources, I think our brains were freed up from struggling with the communication so we could relax into the buzz of creativity….. We could be silly without feeling stupid. Liberating stuff! The positive effect of the workshop goes way beyond the 2 hours we got together.
Ann, Word games participant

The workshop today was great! Fun, interactive, creative. A fusion of collaboration and individual effort.
Bertha, workshop participant

Communication was well managed. There was lots of collaboration but, because we were writing, or using prepared words on the cuboids, we could collaborate without struggling to follow what the other participants were saying. And of course the personal loops and STTR were liberating.
Michael, workshop participant

Project Development

During the last project, writing workshops at Dancebace we were surprised by the amount of spoken word in contemporary dance .  As the dance we say was in development, captions were not available and we often relied on scripts.  This project has suggested a focus for development.

Working with a small group of individuals with a hearing impairment, Let Loose  will explore the use of text in artworks.  Captions are usually put on the side of the stage, thought about at the end, the idea is to turn this around and use text throughout a collaborative process.

A series of Creative Labs will explore the work of selected artists and involve participants in developing ideas for a longer project.  The first workshop, led by artist Anthony Schrag,  introduced collaborative art and encouraged us to be playful with text through surrealist games and 3D poetry.

Art by Instruction

Yoko Onos's instruction for painting for the wind

Our next Let Loose workshop on Wednesday 5 March is with musician and performer Greg Sinclair.  Greg’s recent work I do do I? followed instructions written by primary school children which were performed at the Arches in Glasgow. There’s a long history of artists writing and exhibiting instructions in galleries, these examples are by Yoko Ono.

Instructions can be poetic or silly; simple or demanding.  Sometimes the audience is invited to spend time meditatively with an idea; sometimes materials are provided for an instruction to be carried out.

An exhibition of Yoko Ono's instruction artworks.If you’d like to try some or find out more, the Do It website has instructions by different artists – as you’ll see there are no rules.  In Wednesdays workshop, Greg will us help us to develop our own Art by Instruction.  The workshop is free and an electronic note taker will be available.  To take part or for more information, contact

Collage Workshop

These striking images were produced in a collage workshop led by artist and theatre designer Kate Temple.  The workshop started with a surrealist game Exquisite Corpse then Kate introduced some simple collage techniques using old instruction manuals. Read more about Kate Temple here. All of these activities could easily be tried at home.  Here are instructions for EXQUSITE CORPSE and Kate’s word collage ideas to get you started.

New Workshop Programme

Let Loose logoLet Loose offers a series of artist-led workshops exploring text in art.  Each workshop is led by an artist using text in their work in some way.

A loop system will be available and an electronic notetaker will support all sessions.

Jan 29 – Collage led by Kate Temple

March 5 – Art by Instruction led by Greg Sinclair

April 2 – Language led by Ken Cockburn

May 14 – Moving Words led by Anthony Schrag and Lucy Boyes

To get involved or find out more, contact Susan at Artlink:

To have some hearing folks alongside the hearing impaired folks was a really useful model, I thought – and the activities facilitated collaboration in a way which made our hearing status irrelevant.

Feeling excited already about future workshops!

Word Games Booklet

There was a lot of potential to develop the ideas in Anthony Schrag’s first word games workshop, so we’re planning word games 2 exploring collaborative art through group and larger scale word games. Anthony has devised card games and playful group activities, light-hearted games to get us thinking creatively about language, words and collaboration.

You can read the funny and surreal stories and try the games from the first workshop here:

Artlink A5 Let Loose Word Games Booklets

Word Games 2

The second word games workshop encouraged us to work more closely together combining words and ourselves.  The workshop started with card games building up to finger poems and finally large scale body poems with everyone working together.  Click here for more images

Word games poem - happily she never experienced transitory collaboration with a ball of wool/

New Perspectives

An event bringing together participants, organisations and funders. Collectively we created manifestations for a more inclusive cultural sector.

Includes Audio Description
Includes Spoken Word
Includes Hearing Enhancement
Includes Speech to Text
Includes British Sign Language

Linger – Performance

An example of verbal description and poetry creatively combined to provide access and new perspectives on a space.

Includes Audio Description
Includes Spoken Word
Includes Music / Sound / Aural
Includes Captioned