The trees make a temple,

The pillars are the trees

At the centre, there’s a revelation,

A map in you and me.

Artist and choreographer Siriol Joyner (Aberystwyth, Cymru) and writer and mythogeographer Phil Smith (Exeter, England) took us on an exploratory journey around the grounds of the Old City Observatory on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill.

This descriptive performance, designed for sighted, non-sighted and blind audiences, responded to the historic and evocative site of Calton Hill by overlapping and colliding place, dance, description, objects and narratives. Phil and Siriol invited us to experience the site in different ways, challenging our perception of the space through a series of actions, moments and stories.

One audience member reflects on her experience here.

For me their were moments of great joy and clarity... I enjoyed the time it took and that it wasn't rushed, I really wish we had got to see inside the central dome too, though the setting was rich with memories and past experiences.
Audience Member

A bit off the wall, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Audience Member

event invitation

An Opening Lines Performance
Saturday 4 April, 2015 at 7.30pm
Meet outside Collective Gallery on Calton Hill

Artist and choreographer Siriol Joyner (Aberystwyth, Cymru) and writer and mythogeographer Phil Smith (Exeter, England) will be returning to Edinburgh this Spring, to create a second site-responsive performance for Artlink as part of the Opening Lines Programme.

Siriol and Phil will be creating a work that responds to the historic and evocative site of Calton Hill, in a performance that overlaps and collides place, dance, description, objects and narratives.

Hosted for five days by Collective Gallery, Siriol and Phil will explore an edge-place, drawing both on research about the site and on their physical and emotional encounters with it. Playing at the margins of overlapping senses and spaces, they will explore this site for different kinds of knowledge and observation; searching for what is there and what is changing there; for what can be told, performed, what can be felt and touched; reaching for what eludes, listening and waiting for what might emerge.

This is part of a series of events integrating description in performances for sighted, partially sighted and blind audiences. The project presents responses to the city which aim to inform, surprise and enthuse.

To attend the event, or if you would like more information, please contact Kirsty Williams:
0131 229 3555 option 1.



Linger – Performance

An example of verbal description and poetry creatively combined to provide access and new perspectives on a space.

Includes Audio Description
Includes Spoken Word
Includes Music / Sound / Aural
Includes Captioned

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