In the latest workshop led by visual artist, Kate Temple, and musician and performer, Greg Sinclair, Let Loose participants created some incredible costumes.

Taking inspiration from the Soundsuits of artist Nick Cave, who creates whole-body sculptural suits to camouflage the body, the group designed their own costumes from a selection of found and natural materials. Participants were incredibly creative and inventive with the materials and created their own unique costume – we had ‘Pocahontas-meets-Buzz-Aldrin’,¬† a ‘Japanese-Zen-Peace-Priest’, and a ‘Tribal-Chief’. Each costume contained elements to make different sounds through the movement of the body, making them interesting sonic and visual costumes.

We were introduced to Das Triadische Ballet by Bauhaus artist, Oskar Schlemmer – a beautifully choreographed work from the 1920’s where dancers, transformed by costumes, move in space. In future workshops we will begin to think about choreographing movements wearing our sound suits to create a performance.

You can see a taste of this here.

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