g(H)ost City is a sound map of Edinburgh created by poets, playwrights, artists, musicians and more, curated by Laura Cameron-Lewis and Andrew Eaton-Lewis.

Listen to the work from the website here.  You can stream all of the work for  free or click on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon to download them in a way that suits you. All proceeds go to the artists who created the work.

Some of the pieces take you on a journey, by foot or bus. Others invite you to stay still and contemplate the space in a new way. Artists who have recorded work for (g)Host City include Momus, Kieran Hurley, Jenny Lindsay, Alan Bissett, Kirstin Innes, William Letford, Jim Colquhoun, Hannah McGill, JL Williams and Kirsty Logan.  Artlink’s project Drift by Laura Cameron-Leiws and Juliana Capes features on the g(H)ost City site.



Artlink’s work Drift can be read here.