The Angel’s Share was an exploratory promenade piece of theatre weaving verbal description into the narrative. The piece took us from Grayfriars Graveyard to Sandy Bells pub, drawing on the different atmospheres and stories in each place. This was a multi sensory piece of theatre with smells, music and food enhancing the experience. The Angel’s Share was developed by Poorboy theatre working with visually impaired consultants and was performed to a live audience.

The many associations with food and the description of the geography or architecture was memorable. Especially the image of the Greyfriers graveyard being like a rock bun with gravestone raisins. Also the image of there being so many bones buried there so that I imagined a huge rib cage of a buried giant being face down under the graveyard and it's curved humped back being the mound of the site.
Alan McIntyre, audience member

Sandy, Artistic Director of Poorboy reflects on The Angel's Share

It was demanding in new ways. A really thought provoking experience. We created more than we meant to (an hour!) but it felt important to have a fully rounded story to start exploring with the different means of performance that we had decided to try.

It’s been a chance to really examine how we engage with audiences and what we offer them. It’s given us an insight into our storytelling and communication. It’s made us question and develop the other elements of performance – space, movement, song, smell, taste, promenades – which we’re familiar with and needed to refresh our approach to. I became so very attuned to the voices of the actors and that has made me think about how I’ll write for them in the future.

It’s hard to list all we learned [from working with Alan and Fiona]. The reality of navigating space and experience when blind. The things that are a problem and also the things I worried about that aren’t. That fiddly pieces of text, movement or smells aren’t worth the effort. The permission to describe the space as much or as little as I wanted as a creative choice was liberating. That streets are easier than graveyards to navigate!

The performance experience itself was wonderful for us. A lovely day. Great people who were really willing to try things and to engage with us. Marvellous.

Let's Eat

By popular demand, Jeremiah has created a cookery demo for the delicious mushroom tapenade which featured in Angel’s Share.

Inspired by the response to Angel’s Share, Poor Boy created verbally described recipes, read all about it here.

Engaging the senses I found very effective and made me feel part of the performance.
Audience member

It was like tasting a whisky when you have someone telling you what to look out for. You get more out of it.
Audience member

Event Invite

Artlink and Poorboy Theatre present
The Angel’s Share
A playful wander (with a choice of drinks) for a small audience.
Friday 18th July 2pm and repeated at 3.30pm.

Join a performance created at Greyfriars Churchyard and Sandy Bell’s pub on Forrest Road. Using the climate, sounds, smells and landscape of the Churchyard and the very different environment, smells and tastes available in Sandy Bell’s pub Poorboy Theatre will create a short, immersive work for sighted, partially sighted and blind participants.

Using Poorboy’s trademark site-specific way of working, the performance will use music and song, spoken word performance, smells and tastes to create a short performance based on the tradition of pub stories – true and false.

Artistic Director Sandy Thomson and Associate Director Jeremiah Reynolds have spent the last few years creating work together. This has included the critically acclaimed Pirates & Mermaids – a site specific spoken word performance with music performed in the garden of the Scottish Storytelling Centre. The show was nominated for the prestigious Stage Award for Best Solo Performance last year.

For more information and to book a place contact Susan at Artlink 0131 229 3555