The process of description can be akin to the making of a painting.

Linger was created and performed by artist Juliana Capes and poet Ken Cockburn to evocatively describe the Portrait Gallery’s Great Hall. A documentary sharing the creative process and responses from visually impaired individuals is available here.

Artlink explores the potential that different perspectives bring to creating and experiencing culture. Linger takes audio description as a starting point, lifts it from a functional form to an artform and explores how that experience influences how we engage with the iconic space of the Great Hall of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery through words and music.

Introductory Tour and Lunch

Join the gallery for an informal lunch and taster exhibition tour with audio description, led by artist Juliana Capes.
Includes Audio Description
Includes Hearing Enhancement

Outdoor Sensory Sculpture Tour

An outdoor sculpture sensory tour at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
Includes Touch Tour
Includes Audio Description