Accessible Art Practice in Edinburgh

This event with Fruitmarket Gallery and Engage Scotland brought together participants from Artlink’s projects, cultural organisations and funders. We shared experiences and expertise and looked to new ways of working together. Artlink participant Ann Thallon talked about her disappointments and joys when accessing the arts. Artist Juliana Capes shared a poetic example of verbal description and was joined in converstaion by Andy McKie to discuss his experience of the description and attending galleries.

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Artist Anthony Schrag led activities to help us think about ideas for a more inclusive cultural sector and ways of working together. As a warm up we were provided with words printed on cuboids of paper which slotted neatly over a finger. By selecting words and fitting them over fingers, poems were generated. As a group activity we were supplied with words printed on large pieces of paper. These were compiled as a group to create a cultural manifestation or intention. Anthony asked us to think where and how the words could be attached to our bodies and presented as a group.  Here are just a few of the group ideas:

“Create accessible strategies in collaboration with the experiencers”

“enable everyone to enjoy cultural experiences”

“have somebody with me in life”

“listen, be proactive”

The finger poems and manifestations collectively created, are documented in the photographs below and text has been added for screen readers.

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Linger – Performance

An example of verbal description and poetry creatively combined to provide access and new perspectives on a space.

Includes Audio Description
Includes Spoken Word
Includes Music / Sound / Aural
Includes Captioned